My story

Hi, I'm Gail Didier (pronounced Didi-ay, French boy's name).

I'm originally from England and planned to come to NZ for six weeks... that was back in '99.    But, no, it wasn't a guy that kept me here, it was actually a rather good social life and lots of fabulous girlfriends.  This is also why I clung to my single life and wasn't ready to settle down until the ripe old age of 36:)

I had an epiphany moment a few years ago when a single friend told me that she wanted to meet someone for summer.  I said to her, "That's rather random, why summer?"  She replied, "Because I want to have someone to do things with."  That was the first time I realised that not everyone had friends to do things with, so I decided to try to change this.

I have now created a business where I can help women get the social life they want, and I also help women who want to increase their self-esteem, make positive change in their life and get better results.