What the ladies say about Business with a Twist events

I enjoy coming to Gail’s  “Business with a Twist’ events.   I have been coming to the breakfasts and some of the other functions for around a year now. They are very well organised, and I have found its a great way to meet new friends and potential customers. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming!  
Rae Collins - Independent Consultant - Norwex  - “Improving Quality of Life"

Business Breakfast with a Twist is a great way to meet other women from all different types of business background. I have met corporates, Dr’s, Life Coaches, Artists, Sports and Nutrient specialists and the list goes on. I believe that we choose to do business with people who we like, trust and respect and Business Breakfast with a Twist is great at helping make those meaningful connections in a relaxed environment.

The venue is very central, the breakfast is great as there is a wide selection that caters for everyone and there is a good mixture of regular and newcomers to network with. If you’re looking for a networking group that is less formal than the normal then I would highly recommend Business Breakfast with a Twist.
Sarah Kirkwood, Mortgage Advisor, Apex Advice

I started going to Breakfast with a Twist as a way of meeting other woman in business. I was looking for an environment that was friendly and relaxed where I could make personal and professional connections. I have found these events a fun and informal way of gaining confidence and mixing with other women who are out there living life to the full. Gail has been very supportive and formats her events in a thoughtful and friendly manner. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a way to connect where the emphasis is not only on what you do but also who you are.
Bronwyn Burrowes from BraverYou

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Gail’s events have been a fantastic platform to meet other women and network with them. It’s a great place to meet other like-minded women and get thoughts and support in work yoiu might currently be doing. Highly recommended and thank you Gail for your support.
Farah Herbert

I'm a major introvert, so business networking can be overwhelming - but Gail's Business with a Twist breakfast was nothing like the pushy, sales-y events I'd come across before. It was relaxed and casual - everyone was really friendly - and the food was delish. I'll definitely be back again for next month's!
TANJA GARDNER - Book editor, copywriter and essential oil maven"

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Speed Networking with a Twist was a fun, easy way of meeting a bunch of fellow entrepreneurs. Importantly (for me), as well as making some special connections - who I would probably never have met otherwise - the food was divine. Overall Gail's impressive people & organizational skills made an important networking event smooth, friendly and fun. 
Rebecca Stafford  
Premium Health Psychology coaching for the successful woman who can control everything - except her weight

I attended the Speed Networking Event at Rydges Hotel. Gail made everyone feel so at ease - upon arrival we were all greeted with a glass of wine! Fabulous night with a fabulous bunch of inspiring ladies! Looking forward to the next one..
Lifestyle Manager

If you’re self-employed and looking to expand your clientele or you’ve just started out on your own, this is a great way to meet new customers and business contacts. Some brilliant business women who are utilising their many years’ worth of life and professional experience to create new and exciting services for like-minded women. These women provide a huge range of different services so it’s worth attending because you might just meet the exact service provider you’ve been needing for ages!