girlfriends club

This Club is for women who want to make new long-term friends and have a ready-made social life.  There are different age groups (20's & 30's, 35 to 45 and 45+) so you will have the opportunity to make new friends in the same age group as you.  Click to find out what members thought of the club.


How does girlfriends club work?

The Club membership opens each month and runs for four weeks.  During the four weeks there will be a fabulous range of things to choose from like movies, dinners, lunches, cocktails, high tea etc.

Meet & Greet

You will get a chance to meet the other club members and get some social options locked into your diary.  You will be given the Social Diary list with a range of fabulous options in and around the city.  You will be able to pick and choose as many (or few) events you'd like to go to.

example of 4 wk social Diary


Meet and Greet
Venue in the city after work or at the weekend during the day..

High Tea at the Stamford Plaza
Sweets and savouries and a glass of bubbles or juice.

Stamford plaza high tea.jpg

Cheap Tuesday Movies
You'll let me know what sort of movies you like, I'll give you some options and we'll arrange a movie that suits everyone in the club.



Dinner with the Girls
Different restaurant options in the city eg Culpeper, Y Not, 1947 Eatery, Portofino and many more.

After work drinks
You will get to go to places like Bellota, Glass Goose, The Jefferson, Pilkington, Headquarters, Sardine and many more

Girlfriends Club Members Cocktails
This is a bonus event for all the women doing Girlfriends Club. You’ll get a chance to catch up with your new girlfriends over a cocktail and nibbles. Non-alcohol options and alternative drinks will also be available.

Social Guide.jpeg

Prior to each event I will send you a text to check whether or not you can still make the event. For the ladies who can make it I will include you in a chat group on FB Messenger with the other ladies who are going. I’ll do all the relevant bookings for dinners, lunches etc.

Would you like to join girlfriends club?

The membership fee is  $35.50 for four weeks and you can just pay for drinks, movies etc when you go out.   Numbers will be limited so you will get a real chance to connect with the other women and make long-term friends.