What the girls say about social with a twist....


I was a little frightened at the prospect of my first Social with a Twist event, but it turned out to be a very pleasant evening, the lovely encounters, the great food and by the end full of good vibes. Thanks Gail for organising this. Looking foward to my next encounter with these wonderful ladies.
Thanks again:)

Thank you Gail,  I had an absolutely fabulous time at Girls Night with a Twist.   It was a very relaxed, friendly event and I met some really fabulous ladies. I am so am looking forward to joining your other clubs and attending future fun events.
Lorraine Edmondson

Hi Gail, wonderful afternoon. Super nice ladies at high tea. Thanks for arranging it all. It’s very much appreciated.
Cheers Shelley

Gail is an extraordinary event planner. The Social with a Twist events are always enjoyable, well organised and entertaining. Not only are they well thought out, but she brings together a great group of women that all seem to fit well with your own personality and makes it easier to engage. The prices for each event are also reasonable and reflect the expectation that follows with the event itself. Highly recommend joining as you can see for yourself why they've been a success for all involved, particularly for me. Thanks again, Gail!
Karla Abrigo

For those new in town (like me!) or those just enjoy finding like-minded people, Social with a Twist is an organic way get to know people. Nothing fancy or awkward, just ladies who want to have fun and feel welcomed. Thank you Gail for organising, looking forward to join more of your events!

My first time with Social with a Twist was a huge success. Not only was it a lovely high tea event which Gail had organised so well; she’s also very welcoming and aware of “new ones”, and happy to answer all of your questions. The afternoon was inclusive and relaxed, and I’ll definitely do it again plus meet up with the ladies I met there.

I had a blast yesterday. Met lovely girls. Awesome event Gail

Kabuki Dinner was fun night out with friend people and trying a new place!

Social with a Twist is an excellent way to meet interesting and like-minded people, and above all have a smashing time.  Gail is a wonderful host who takes care to introduce participants, and makes sure everyone is included and at ease.  The events are well organised, they begin timely and the venues chosen with discerning taste..  Highly recommended.

Heya, it was a really well organised lovely evening. I can’t wait to be a part of the next one.. Thanks for organising this:)

Hi Gail, thanks for dinner event tonight. The girls are very lovely. I enjoyed chatting wtih them. And, the food was nice as well. I’ll definitely come to the next one:)
Nancy Phromyothi

Cocktails with a Twist was a really good night, great event thanks. This was the best way to get to know people, we had such a great night and went out with most of the girls after.

To all those fabulous ladies out there wishing to meet other fabulous ladies!  Social with Twist is perfect for you. Its friendly, warm and welcoming hostess is Gail who organises amazing events geared to get us girls gossiping , having fun, making potential lasting friendships and celebrating all our inner goddesses and gorgeousness together! There is a diversity of wonderful ladies of all ages from all walks of life and gets us connecting to bring out the best in ourselves, so what are you waiting for? Join us and start living life and having fun...

Social with a Twist has been a fabulous way to make new friends in a variety of fun settings. Gail’s precision to detail always ensures everything is well organised and that everyone’s tastes are catered for.  She also goes the extra mile to ensure that ladies of similar age are placed together so conversation is abundant and always flows!

It was fab thanks so much for all  the trouble you go thru to make our get togethers so enjoyable.  The food was yummy.  Cheers see you next time.  

Hi Gail, thank you so much once again for organizing tonight's dinner, I had a lovely time tonight & really enjoyed meeting the ladies and yourself.  I look forward to another meet up.

Hi Gail just wanted to let you know we had a great time on Saturday night at Cocktails with a Twist & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks so much for organising it.

Hi Gail!, It was a great pleasure to meet you and the girls. I will definitely come next time!

Fantastic high tea had, with some surprise bubbles. It was a work out carrying my full tummy home afterwards tho! :-) Had a real fun time, lovely meeting you all. Sorry I had to jet off early, but hopefully see you at another of Gail's great events soon!
Samantha K. Auckland (originally from UK)

If you're a little introverted and hate the idea of small talk, give one of Gail's events a go. They're wonderfully organised and impeccably curated, and it's so nice to turn up and be greeted with a smile from Gail. A great way to meet new and interesting women

I joined Social with a Twist about a year ago. It's one of the more fun & interesting groups I belong to. Gail has an excellent way with everyone & keeps coming up with great things to do & lovely ways to meet woman of all ages & broaden your social network. It's not at all clicky and Gail makes sure all newbies are well looked after. Although I can't make too many because of work commitments I always enjoy them when I go. Catching up with women I have met before & meeting some new ones. Makes life fun :) 
Lea' Devereux

Thank you, Gail, for the great event! I had 4 fabulous weeks, with good food in cool locations and was very nice to socialise with the girls!!!
Raluca, Auckland

I moved to New Zealand from the UK and so didn't know many people here. Social with a twist provided a great way to meet ladies who were also looking to widen their social circle. Gails events were very relaxed and informal and I have made some lasting friendships with the girls she has matched me up with. 
Wendy (Auckland)

I had been married for quite a few years and had really lost sight of who I was, and to be brutally honest I didn’t really have many friends.  Gail helped me by creating opportunities to socialise again and now I am back to my best with a wonderful circle of friends
Ruby (alias), AKL