Social with a Twist is all about women making new female friends and having great women to socialise with.  All events have between six and 20 people with ages ranging from 20s to 45+.    You'll  get to sit with people in your age group who you're likely to click with.  Social with a Twist is ideal for you if you:

  • Wish you had a better social life but are not sure how to get it

  • Want to go out but your friends are all too busy with boyfriends, hubbies or bubbies

  • Would like to do things like, lunches, drinks, movies, high tea, coffee with people that you click with

  • Want to go away for a weekend/day trip/holiday but have no one to go with

  • Simply want to expand your social circle

These are  just some of the types of events I organise around the CBD:

  • Week night and weekend dinners

  • Lunches

  • Spa events

  • High teas

  • Cocktails with the Girls

  • Speed Mate - chance to meet mates (not dates) in a fun way

  • Girlfriends Club (20s & 30s, 35 to 45 and 45+)

  • Girls nights out

What type of women go to events?

Women just like you!:)  They are  friendly women who simply want to make new friends and increase their social circle.   Click for pics of events

What do women say about the events?

Click to find out what the girls think of the events.

how does social with a twist work?

Easily:)  I use Meet Up as my RSVP platform.  You simply:

  • Click to Join

  • RSVP if you see event you would like to do

  • I will send you payment details

  • Make your payment including reference info

  • Receive pre-event info

  • Turn up to event, be welcomed and meet some fabulous women

All seated events eg dinners, high tea, will be allocated seating.  You will be seated with people that you are likely to click with.  Trying new things can be daunting so if you want any more info, or just some reassurance please feel free to contact me:)  

You can click here if you would like to receive fortnightly updates for upcoming Social with a Twist events Social Updates


I've always been told that I'm good at connecting people so decided to put this skill to good use and help others to get the social life they want.  I also believe it is very important for general well-being to have people to spend time with and socialise.  I created Social with a Twist to connect women and also to give them a range of fabulous social events to go to.


I loved my single life and I realised that was mainly because I had lots of girlfriends to go out with.  I know that some women find it difficult to meet people to socialise with in Auckland so I want to help you to change this so you can be one of those women who enjoys your single life instead of wishing it away.